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Terms & Conditions

Due to the nature of the work, rooms must be clear of all moveable furniture and valuables. In cases where furniture and moveable household objects have not been removed, an additional cost will be added for these items to be removed.


Removing decayed plaster and render back to brickwork creates a large amount of dust. We use the latest dust extraction system and provide protective sheeting - we take the utmost care whilst carrying out work and clean afterwards. However, in cases where large amounts of dust occurs we recommend professional cleaners are hired after for a deeper clean - this can be organised in advance.

Any additional work or materials will be discussed with client.

Although all objects such as skirting and radiators etc are removed with care - in some cases it can be unavoidable to be removed without damage, in particular with (rotten) skirting, architrave, old radiator valves. An additional cost of replacement will be added where appropriate.

In unforseen circumstances where concrete/cement and hard to remove substrates are discovered and removal is ‘hard-going’ an additional cost will be added.

Quotes past 6 month period will be re-evaluated.

Where the substrate is found to be in too poor condition to fit the membrane and a layer(s) of render must be added an additional cost will incur.

Wherever possible, hidden or unprotected services, such as pipework and electrics should be indicated by the client. In the unlikely event of damage Brighton Damp Proofers cannot accept responsibility.

For best finished results we recommend a professional decorator.

Walls: plastered walls, ready to paint (we recommend a mist coat 50/50 water emulsion and a very light sand with 120 grit sandpaper for a professional finish. Skirting: cut and ready for caulking filling and sanding by decorator. A basic fill will be applied where necessary.

Old central heating boilers can on occasion need special attention after being re-pressurised. The cost of a plumber will be factored into billing.

Painting costs do not include top coat paint - coloured paint should be sourced by the client -unless agreed otherwise.

All Delta Membrane damp proofing comes with a 20 year guarantee - unless stated otherwise. 

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