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Damp Surveys

Why have a damp survey?


For house purchases:

A surveyor will often recommend a Damp Specialist to carry out a further, more in depth survey, on the property. Surveyors, might not check every wall and will not have the same knowledge as a specialist in their field. A surveyor is unlikely to have the hands-on experience of damp proofing houses within Brighton and Hove and have an understanding of the practicalities involved in solving them. 

To settle a dispute:

Often between a tenant and a landlord in regards to an issue within the home, or between neighbours over the cause of dampness or leak. A written report can help resolve any issues.


What will the survey involve?
Full check of the house 

We will check everything from the chimney, roof, gutters, render, drains, ventilation, windows, floors, walls, patio, etc, etc. Our findings can differ from the surveyors.

A quotation of works for everything

Yes everything, not just the damp! We can provide a comprehensive estimate of everything from, chimney repairs, a new bathroom to windows. 


Why pay for a survey?

Time, care and impartialtiy 

A company, or individual offering a quote, is likely to be looking to make a financial conversion after their visit - this may effect an impartial view on the property. They might also on report findings that is within their skillset, or what the may deem as profitable - ignoring issues 'outside their box'.

Effectively, a paid survey with Brighton Damp Proofers is for thoroughness, time and a duty of care. A survey may take hours to conduct and hours to convert into  a comprehensive report.


A full refund!

Yes we offer a full refund, upon the commencement of work from our findings.

A recent review -

Ella Herlihy - Brighton September 2022

Rob carried out a survey on a property we are in the process of buying, and it was incredibly thorough and really useful - covering off all sorts of areas, not just damp. It was actually more useful than our Home Buyers Survey.


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