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Why Brighton Damp Proofers?


We have an extensive knowledge and experience in Brighton & Hove – solving recurring problems unique to specific areas and buildings within the region.


Unlike some damp proofing firms we are flexible in our approach and use a number of techniques to tackle damp.



We are one of the few damp proofing companies in Brighton that specialise in Bungaroosh buildings.


Bungaroosh is a composite building material used almost exclusively in Brighton and Hove between the mid-18th and late 19th centuries. It stands to reason that this unique and specific type of building material requires a specialist approach when being treated.


We use the latest in damp proofing tech.


Our membrane is an ideal solution when dealing with old Victorian lime-render walls and is approved by National Heritage. Unlike Vandex, or cement based tanking products, it moves with the building and will not crack. It also allows the brick to breathe and forms a cavity, making condensation less likely to build-up on the surface of the internal wall. Unlike traditional materials, the special cavity allows the brickwork to breathe and helps the brick to dry out.

It can be used to completely cover a basement or tackle rising and penetrating damp and helps reduce condensation. Our damp proofing material also has a quicker drying time than Vandex and other traditional tanking methods and therefore can be painted sooner.


We recommend DPC (Damp Proof Course)  liquid Injections to be used (in some rising damp cases) in conjunction with our membrane system to replace failed/old Damp Proof Course and protect the brickwork.

We are one of the few (or only) damp proofers in Brighton using a fan ventilator.


This extracts dust via a tunnel tube out of the building - avoiding build up of large amounts of dust in the property. We also sheet carpets and furniture with poly-sheets and tarpaulin and fabric sheets. We are fastidious when it comes to cleanliness - we will always clean and hoover afterwards to ensure that your property is in the same condition as it was when we entered, obviously without the damp!

We offer a fully comprehensive service

We understand that you might not want the cost and the hassle of arranging a plumber to remove radiators, an electrician to remove and refit sockets, a carpenter to fit skirting, or even a professional painter to finish.

We offer a full-package to get your home to back to how it was as quickly as possible - saving you the cost of hiring other tradesmen.

We offer thorough surveys of properties across East Sussex

Buying or selling a property? Surveyor’s report has spotted damp?

If you need a second opinion from a specialist who is familiar with these houses, or if you're selling and want to avoid any complications due to damp, then we can provide an in-depth survey and provide a quotation of costs. Contact us to make an appointment.



With penetrating moisture and leaks. We like to fix the problem at source. We offer:

Professional rendering and crack repairs and where necessary can arrange for scaffolding and access. We can help with:

  • Exterior damp proofing with K-Rend and rendering 

  • Chimney and firewall repairs.

  • Timber repair and treatment.

  • Repair and refit of decorative coving & mouldings.


We believe strongly in positive polite communication and as confident tradesmen we can fix any problem with no quibbles.  Our staff are handpicked and reflect the spirit of our business. They are courteous polite and helpful – just see our reviews.


Call now!

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