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What's Bungaroosh



Where can you find it?

Used in construction of single skimmed houses in the mid 18th century and 19th century. Exclusive to Brighton and Hove and can also be found in surrounding areas, such as, Lewes.

What is it made of?

It is a mix of flint, bricks, sand and stones (from the beach) - mixed in together with lime and poured into wooden shuttering to make a wall. Bungaroosh was formed between structural areas of brick piers and wood lintels.

Solid once set, it then has a coating of render applied  to the exterior. It has poor resistance to water If it dries out completely, it can crumble away; but if it gets wet it can dissolve and start to move, causing structural failure.The internal walls were coated with a lime render.


Damp proofing and rendering can require different   techniques. 


If you have bungaroosh building and require internal external or structural works contact  BRIGHTON DAMP PROOFERS for more info call



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