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 We at Brighton Damp Proofers have been fixing damp problems in the Brighton and Hove area for over 20 years.

Our knowledge and years of experience means we can identify and provide solutions to damp problems commonly associated with buildings in Brighton and Hove and East Sussex area. Our team of skilled tradesmen use specialised techniques and top quality materials to tackle all aspects of damp: including rising damp, penetrating damp, damp patches, condensation and mould, drainage, rotting timbers, cracked render, roofing and structural repairs.

We use the latest technology and products combined with traditional building methods to tackle all types of damp in every situation and we offer a twenty year guarantee.

We are one of the few damp proofing companies in Brighton who use a fan ventilator when doing our treatments.


This extractor removes dust via a tunnel tube out that runs out of the building - avoiding a build-up of large amounts of debris in the property. We also cover carpets and furniture with poly-sheets, tarpaulin, and fabric sheeting. 

We stand out from the competition by offering a fully comprehensive service.  You don't need to worry about calling a plumber, electrician, carpenter or decorator - we've got it covered! We'll include all the services that you'll need to get your property back exactly how you want it, saving you time and money. 

We think that we're the most experienced and reliable damp proofers in Brighton and Hove - but don't take our word for it - read our customer reviews! We're rated at 9.8/10 on Checkatrade from 370 plus happy customers.

We offer thorough surveys of properties across East Sussex

Buying or selling a property? Surveyor’s report has spotted damp?

If you need a second opinion from a damp specialist who is familiar with these houses, or if you're selling and want to avoid any time-consuming complications due to damp, then we can provide an in-depth survey and provide a quotation of costs. A full report from us can save you money and time.


Damp Proofing Treatments and Services

Waterproofing Brickwork

So many of the properties here in the South and especially Brighton are from the Victorian era and subsequently have had over 100 years of weather damage to deal with.

As with all bricks, even modern ones they are porous and therefore not 100% waterproof and over time can be susceptible to water penetration which in turn leads to a number of damp related issues.

There are however a number of solutions that we can offer to prevent this from becoming a problem. Adding waterproofing creams as a repellent that not only protect and damp proof your brickwork but leaving looking revitalized, to our K-Rend system that will completely rejuvenate your property and give it a fresh new look.

Whichever method you choose we offer a guarantee on all of our work via manufacturers and insurers.


Wood Rot

So, if you have noticed that your timber floor or skirting boards have some form of rot in them you may need us to help you to identify which one you have as the two types differ ever so slightly and therefore require alternative treatments.

Dry Rot or Serpula Lacrymans to give its official title is the most serious and can be identified by splitting and cracking of timber as well as a fine, fluffy mycelium (fungus) and is usually caused by leaking pipework, guttering or household appliances.

Wet Rot or Coniophora Puteana can be identified by a damp, musty smell as well as a softened, spongy feel when you touch it and again can be caused by leaking pipework and guttering and by water penetrating from outside.

Both of these can lead to major structural issues if untreated and are very hard to remove or control by yourself.

Dry Rot Treatment

As this does not need excessive amounts of moisture to form it is essential to control the moisture content in the air as left untreated can spread up to 80mm per day. There are a number of ways to eradicate this including boric acid, but removal and repair are the best cures to which we can offer our fully trained team to assist you.

The key to dealing with this is to first identify the source of the problem and once we have obtained that we can offer you the right treatment guidance that our 20 years of experience has taught us.


Wet Rot Treatment

Slightly different to the more effusive dry rot but again it is high levels of moisture that are to blame. This causes an infestation of a fungicide known as cellar fungus that will eat through your timber. There are simple home made methods that can help such as white vinegar but once this problem has taken over the only real remedy is for a specialist like ourselves to come and fully eliminate it for you.

Customer Reviews

Visit our Checkatrade page for more reviews.

Damp issues diagnosed and fixed

July 2022

"Rob and his team managed the complexities of doing work on our wall from the neighbours property, completing a job that looks really good and we've already seen an improvement to our damp problems. Everyone we spoke to was polite and friendly. Even our neighbours seemed impressed"

Damp issues diagnosed and fixed

 March 2020

"I looked for a damp proofing company near me and was lucky to find Rob. The team did an excellent job and Rob gave great advice in determining what was causing the damp issues we had in our house, in a way that was honest and clear. The damp proofing specialists worked to fix a number of factors to ensure no stone was left unturned in fixing all of the causes of the damp. Very pleased with the results"

Damp Proofing of Basement

June 2021

"Rob and his team did a professional job and a damp proof course in an old mews house. They kept us informed of what they were doing, did the job on time and charged as per the quote. Having people in your house for 6 days doing dirty and noisy work is never easy but they made it as painless as possible. We were particularly impressed by the way they protected our furniture and carpets and by their scrupulous cleaning and tidying at the end of the job. We would recommend them for highly effective damp treatments."


Damp Proofing of Property

March 2019

“Rob was thorough and knowledgeable when inspecting my property for damp. Prior damp proofing companies had missed the full extent of the damp and had been very brief in their reporting. Rob managed to find me an available slot quickly so the work could start straight away. Rob and his colleagues were hardworking and thorough. They were polite and courteous to me and my neighbours during the time they were working at my property.  I was extremely pleased with the standard of their work and professionalism.”

Damp Proofing back facade of property

March 2020

“Rob was a pleasure to deal with throughout and ticks all the boxes for local damp proofing specialists. Happy to give considered responses to my many requests. I've learnt that this sort of work is a messy old business requiring a slight leap of faith but Rob and his team did an excellent job keeping mess to a minimum and provide me with confidence. Less than a week after they finished I'm left with a great plastered finish and as much confidence as I might have hoped for. Really pleased overall and particularly with one area of curved plaster and skirting board finish.”

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